Custom Eternal Rose Bouquet Box

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Our eternal rose bouquets are a luxurious delight that will last for over a year. Sourced from Ecuador, these preserved roses bring a touch of elegance and natural beauty to any space. Treat yourself or someone special to the everlasting charm of our stunning floral arrangements.

You can personalize your box by adding four images, making it a unique and thoughtful gift.

✓ Lasts 2-3+ Years 

✓ No need to water or upkeep

✓ 35 - 40 Real Preserved Roses Included

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Our roses are cultivated in the lush and sunny fields of Ecuador. We carefully pick the most flawless, lovely, and colorful roses for our designs.

Our group of flower specialists then apply an advanced method that lets the flowers keep their natural, just-cut look. Instead of air-drying, they experience a rehydration process by being put in a mix of glycerin and other plant parts.

This liquid moves up through the stem and changes the rose into a flower that stays beautiful for years instead of weeks.

Please allow 1 to 3 days for us to process, assemble your bouquet, package, and ship your order. 

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No need! Our eternal roses are designed in a way so they do not require maintenance.

Unlike fresh flowers that need regular watering, trimming, and care, our specially preserved roses don't demand any of that. They've undergone a unique process that keeps them looking stunning for a significant period, typically 2 to 3 years, without needing any watering, sunlight, or pruning.

In fact, if you place them in a cool and dry environment away from direct sunlight and excessive humidity, you might find that they can last even longer than the usual timeframe. So, all you have to do is find the perfect spot to display them and enjoy their beauty day after day. No need to worry about wilting petals or fading colors. With our eternal roses, you can relish the elegance of fresh-cut roses without the hassle of constant maintenance. It's a convenient way to bring nature's charm into your space without the usual fuss.

Long lasting

Our Eternal Flower Bouquet is the perfect gift for birthdays, anniversaries, baby showers, thanking someone, or just because you or your special someone deserve it.

Made to last 2-3+ years!

Our Mission

We're here to create special moments... With over 300,000 rose bouquets delivered we're doing just that. Surprise someone special with a gift of lasting beauty and love ❤️